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paul mealor

Producing the Military Wives Choir

military wives choirRecording Paul Mealor’s touching song Wherever You Are, was one of the most rewarding and moving projects of my career so far. Those who followed the BBC series The Choir Military Wives will know that the song was composed using actual letters from the choir members to their partners and husbands who were serving abroad (mainly in Afghanistan).
This added a poignancy and depth to the song rarely found in music nowadays, whilst still remaining on the safe side of schmaltzy or over-sentimental.

This profound connection between lyrics and those singing them was palpable in the room whilst we recorded, and even more evident when we all gathered at the end of the recording session to listen to what we’d done. Not that many in the room could remain dry-eyed (me included!) The hugely talented Gareth Malone has done an amazing job of moulding these women into a really lovely sounding ensemble with a well blended sound and accessible tone.
I know I’m biased, but I think the record sounds great!