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We did it!

Well, the aliens didn’t arrive to buy up the competition.
We did it!
Not only Christmas number one, but also the biggest selling single for a few years (over 550,000 in one week).
This really is a fantastic achievement for the choir (especially given the fact that they didn’t exist a few months ago!)

I’ve been fortunate enough to experience successful records before, but never one quite like this.
The degree to which this has captured the hearts of the public is just amazing. It’s hard to think of a more worthy Christmas number one, ever (ok..Maybe LiveAid).

There are two interesting questions which now emerge:

1) How many will it go on to sell?
Getting the number one is totally amazing, but I’m hoping this will continue. I’m hoping that not everyone who buys a copy of Wherever You Are will already have done so.
It would be so amazing if we could get up to 750,000 or day I say it a million? The point is that every record sold, puts money into the hands of SSAFA and The Royal British Legion, both of whom make a real difference to the lives of those who serve or have served in the forces, and their families.
I’m really hoping that the publicity generated by achieving the top spot in the chart will propel the record on to further sales and more money for the two charities.

2) What next?
The obvious move now, would be for us to do an album. There would be sizeable logistical obstacles to overcome, but surely such a huge hit single demands a follow up album?
I’m sharpening my tools just in case the call comes.
Now wouldn’t that be fun?
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